Leave your seat until all test materials have been collected and you have been told you can leave. engage in any form of malpractice which may damage the integrity and security of the IELTS test. If any of the data on the Test Report Form provided by you or your agent to Recognising Organisations has been altered in any way your original test result may be cancelled by the IELTS Test Partners. How IELTS uses your information test candidates to privacy. Test Report Forms will only be sent to...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ielts form

Hello here are the instructions for completing the IELTS application form you will need two photographs of yourself recent photographs not more than six months old please attach the photographs here on the left you should securely attach a recent passport sized photograph preferably with glue next with the second photograph please sign your name on the back of the photograph then attach the photograph jink a pay lip number one put in the preferred date of test with the day the month and the year next number to your family name here you need to write your family name for example Thorpe but remember not in lowercase your name must be in block capitals number three please write your title here mister mrs. miss Elmer's for example mister number four please write your other names here as they appear on your passport or national identity card and in the same order for example David Albert now let's go to number five your address please note you will only be sent one copy of your results this address is the address you wish to receive your document at please write clearly number six your telephone or mobile number please write here your telephone or mobile number in case you have to be contacted number seven please right here your email address again in case you need to be contacted number eight here you will need to write your date of birth for example if your birthday is the 22nd of February 1980 you will need to write 22 0 to 80 next your gender number 9 if you are female please circle F if you are male please Circle M number 10 please indicate which document you will be using as proof of identity and give the number below example if you wish to bring your passport as a proof of identity tick here if however you wish to use your national identity card please tick here in the passport or national identity card area please in pleat now please turn to page 2 of your application form for questions 11 to 14 please enter codes a name of the country and the first language the codes may be found in the notice to IELTS candidates form please remove this from the application form and open it here you will find the codes to enter for questions 11 to 14 example if you are from Austria then your code is 0 1 1 in number 11 the country or region of origin code will therefore be 0 1 1 the country or region of origin name will be Austria for question 12 you need to write in your first language code and first language name this will be found in the notice to IELTS candidates form for example if you are or your first language is Croatian then your code will be zero to three please write this information in the first language code and first language name boxes for question thirteen please refer to the IELTS candidates forum once again for the occupation sector and the occupation level if you are in education this means you are a student so you need to enter the number zero eight the level is a student therefore the number is seven please fill in zero eight for...